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Story by David Townsend Jones, Adastra Cymru, Swansea

The kickoff Rainova project meeting took place in the Basque Country from 11–13 January 2012. It was hosted by Tknika at its office in Errenteria, a few kilometres from Donostia (San Sebástian), on behalf of the Rainova lead partner, Ikaslan Gipuzkoa.

Kickoff meeting - delegates

José Miguel Oskoz, director of Tknika, opened the meeting by welcoming the delegates from Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, England, Wales and the Basque Country. Each partner then made a short Pechakucha-style presentation. The remainder of the first day included presentations of the Rainova project and the first four Work Packages: Quality Plan, Quality Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Dissemination. The resulting discussion included numerous critical issues such as the project’s deliverables and management structure.

Kickoff meeting - platform

On the second day further detailed work continued on seven of the remaining nine Work Packages: Sustainability and Exploitation, Website Development, Research, the Innovation Management Model (IMM), the Action Plans for the Regional Innovation Networks, Piloting the IMM and the Action Plans, and Creating the Regional Innovation Networks. The final two Work Packages were briefly touched upon but largely deferred until a later meeting at which the non-European Rainova partners (‘third countries’) from China and Canada would be present: these final Work Packages include research and dissemination in both those two countries.

On the morning of the last day the partners met to discuss and sign contracts with the European Commission and to elect members to the Rainova Steering Committee and agree the committee’s tasks and responsibilities.

Kickoff meeting - group photograph

After this successful and harmonious kickoff meeting was officially closed the visiting partners were able to spend the remainder of the day enjoying cultural visits to either San Sebástian or Bilbao.

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