Rainova partners have published individual leaflets (A4 folded to A5 booklet) about the project.

Spanish readers can click here to access the blog set up by the Basque partners in Rainova. Lots of information about the project...

Click here to read about a Rainova dissemination event organised by the SVERD national association for distance learning, which took place in the FolkUniversity in Stockholm on 23 October 2014.

Click on the title of this article to read about dissemination activities that have taken place in South Muntenia, Romania.

Click on the title of this article to see a selection of the dissemination activities in Tuscany.

Supplementing an emailing campaign regarding the Rainova project, articles about Rainova published on various websites and presentations of the project at various conferences and workshops, CSCS decided to create a recurrent event called “Innovation Caffè”.

CSMC, the Tianjin Sino-Spanish Machine Tool Vocational Training Center, is a reference centre in International Exchange and Cooperation for Vocational Education Projects. Since 2011 it been involved in a pilot project into educational reform in China, promoted by the Chinese Government as a prototype to carry out new reforms in VET.

Our present dissemination work has been to introduce the Rainova project in our regular and daily work within the Educational Area of Tianjin, presenting the benefits it can provide as a platform for good practice in the area of innovation.

Click on the title of this article to see a full listing of the dissemination activities in the Basque Country.

In Wales we have tried to take full advantage of the ColegauCymru (CollegesWales) network to disseminate Rainova. ColegauCymru’s remit is to raise the profile of further education with key decision-makers in order to improve opportunities for learners in Wales. We aim to influence the policy framework in Wales, disseminate and help develop good practice, deliver externally funded projects to benefit VET learners in Wales, and raise awareness of the value of further (vocational) education. We are therefore in a good position to spread the word about our projects, such as Rainova.

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