Using the Innovation Management Model (IMM) led to the creation of a new product in a Florentine start-up.

Papermine: a case study in Tuscany

Story from CSCS, Pistoia, Tuscany

This fascinating case study relates to the piloting of the IMM’s implementation inside a start-up in Florence, Tuscany. http://papermine.com/

Mr Karlo Bernardi Kukavicic, a young Florentine entrepreneur, while applying our model, developed an innovative content creation/publishing/presentation tool: a web app that is useful for creating online magazines, catalogues, booklets and lookbooks.

Say hello to a new way to publish

The link below is to one of the main galleries in Florence, Palazzo Strozzi, where many events take place all through the year. Interested in innovation and keen to try it out, they decided to use the Papermine tool for their online catalogue this year.


Link to the English version of the catalogne: http://papermine.com/pub/2260

As it turned out, the marketing of the tool proved to be a success. There are now many users worldwide and the community keeps on growing. If you like the tool, they are waiting for you to sign in ;)

Video: http://vimeo.com/85837663


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